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First flight of the year


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There have been a lot of days when the mist just hasn't cleared, then yesterday it was still too blustery.

Today I got airbourne, yeehaaaaa. It was b****y cold though but did manage to get 30 mins airtime.

There was a very low hazy layer so I did a lot at 100 to 200 feet, great watching the buzzards flying into the bare trees to hide.



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Good to get the new year off to a flying start ! :P

We had a 3 day fly-in in Northumberland after Boxing Day which was fantastic in the snow and nice to have a change of scenery - the coastline there is fantastic with loads of castles and other intersting places to see. We stayed in log cabins owned by the local pub landlord who is a fellow flyer and made us all welcome (can send details if anyone is interested in visiting the area).

I was possibly the last pilot in the air in 2010, coming down as it went dark on New Years eve, with another couple of hours flying on the 2nd. Decided to go paragliding yesterday and wasted a whole day on top of a mountain with no wind, in perfect paramotor conditions !!! :evil: Ah well, I shouldn't be greedy ... hopefully more good winter flying again soon !

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Nooooo......I claim to be the last paramotor pilot in the air (mainland) on the 31st....as I also landed as it went dark but as I am flying on the very west tip of North wales it goes dark just that little bit later than if I was more to the east..... :D:D

Of course I probably wasnt the first in 2011 because I had a hang over till the 2nd of Jan..... :oops::oops:

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