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Getting into the harness

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I had my first flight on my home built motor on Saturday at membury. (Yipee)

But it did not get into the seat, To be fair I did not try letting go of the brakes and having a good wiggle.

But I had a thought.

Do you think it would be possible to attach a loop to the front of the harness, basically the same as a speed bar attachment but only attached to the harness. and then use this go push the seat out from under you. this way you would not need to let go of the breaks.

In particular my concern would be the loop going back to far and getting caught in the prop!


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Hi i have had the same problems getting in to the harness and tried various technics, i have tried a stirrup as well and bought a sup air stirrup which was very good. I would also add a lenght of elastic bungee to the stirrup and the other end to my boot (used a dog collar to attach) so when you are airbourne you dont end up kicking around for the stirrup you just straighten your leg with elastic attached and the stirrup pulls tight against your leg making it easy to foot the stirup.

I also found that a proper hang test that allowed you to hang well off the floor setting the rig up and then just spending hours getting in and out of the harness honing your technic till you can nail it.

Setting the leg straps and the shoulder straps all matter and you should make sure you have them correctly set, get some advice and have a experianced pilot help you out it will really pay off.

Hope this helps as i know just how frustrating it is but its well worth it in the end.


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Yes it was a good flight, your motor hangs right it is not leaning back or to far forward on power.

As the others have said try a foot stirrup to push your self in to the seat, other than that get up to a safe hight park the brakes on the keepers and then just hook your thumbs in to the front of the harness and push yourself back in to it.

If you go the foot stirrup way get it set up with a hang test.

Is your harness big enough as you are a big boy? :D

Nice to see you in the air on your motor

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I've used at least a dozen harnesses in paragliding and motoring - some simply scoop you straight in, others required a wiggle or push after launch, and some require a strop or stirrup. Personally I always prefer a stirrup now for the improved comfort in flight, as your feet can be supported forwards or just to relieve pressure from the front of the seatboard on long XC flights. Mine attaches from the front of the swing arms, through loops in the harness, so it can also be used to improve weight shift steering depending which foot you push with.

As others have said, practice and adjust it in a hang test first to make sure it doesn't get in the way of anything in use or when dangling.

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Here's a retractable kick in strap design:

http://www.usppa.org/Resources/HomeImpr ... t_rest.htm

Try Googling 'kick in strap for paramotor harness' and a few links come up.



Thanks very much for all the replies.

I have made a kick in strap similar to the following. I have posted it here as I think there are some improvments on mine.

I found this in my local climbing store for about 8 pounds when I was looking for the webing in the article provided. It is basically an shock cord inside the webbing but at on end there is a plastic clip with a webbing adjustment. I thought that this would allow some adjustment after it was fitted.



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Well done Barry.

I like the way you seek opinion, collect ideas and source / produce the product you have decided works best. Very methodical. Lord Nelson used that method when planning battles. It seemed to work quit well for him to. :)

Your finished product looks like the one Fresh Breeze supply on thier harness and it does work well.

I don't actually use mine but when I did I had a piece of bungee attached / tied about 3 inches from the end of the stirup bar with a loop to slide over the foot. Makes for effortless use of the stirup. You might think it would impead running on take off but you don't even notice it.

**Anyone who builds and flys thier own machine gets my full respect.**

Look forward to hearing your progress.

**Except Pete B of course** :lol:


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