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Matrix Firebird...Any thoughts or comments?


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I remember a security issue on these wings (stalling) from 2002 ish. So I 'googled' and found this:


DHV GS-01-0738-00

A flight behaviour that deviates from

the type certificate for a Firebird Matrix M,

MZM GS-13-04-300 (certified paraglider) was recognised.

This information concerns a stable stall.

In agreement with the manufacturer

Firebird Sky Sport AG,

the DHV has decided, as a precaution, on the following safety measure:

All certified paragliders if the type Firebird Matrix M,

MZM GS-13-0X-XXX having a serial number beginning with

13 03 100 to 13 07 800 must be checked before their next flight.

The airworthiness instruction comes into force when published in the NfGH

(Paragliding and Hanggliding News).

The safety measures must be carried out before the next flight

made with the equipment.

The check will be carried out by

Firebird Sky Sport AG

Schäfflerstraße 15

D-87629 Füssen,

Tel: +49/(0) 83.62/983.20

Fax: +49/(0) 83.62/983.219

Gmund, 18.09.2003

Klaus Tänzler

Managing Director

I would have the wing checked by the manufacturer, before flying it.


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