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Go Pro for Xmas

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Santa delivered a Go pro for Xmas. I flew on Xmas day sunset and have spent far to much time trying to edit it into a file for You tube.

Ive now downloaded Video file converters; Video pad video editors; VLC media player; etc in order to convert and edit it into a short clip but have now lost interest. What a pain in the arse. There must be an easier way.

I want to combine my Go Pro which uses MP4 with wifes Panasonic and then add some music.

My OS is Vista and XP-laptop tried on both; slowly getting there after several file conversions etc but there must be an easier way? Other than paying a fortune for a mac !!!!!

Any help welcome.

Great flight by the way. Footdrag the beach when family were there walking the dog. Take off just before sunset and fast flight to and return landing just in time. great.


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Hi there,

The first thing I do with my gopro mp4 files is convert them to avi files which are much more pc friendly.

I use mp4cam2avi , it's free, you can grab it here http://sourceforge.net/projects/mp4cam2avi/

the conversion only takes a few minutes, it does nothing to the quality of the video.

There's lots of solutions to this, this is just mine, hope it helps.

All the best


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Hi Whitters

I tried several editing packages when I got my Panasonic digital camera which produces AVCHD video. Non of them really wanted to know until I came across Cyberlink Powerdirector which thankfully didn't have any problem at all with this format.

Then I got my GoPro and again no problem for PD8.

I got a Panasonic SD600 video cam for Xmas which films in 1080p/50. They warn that filming at this resolution is very difficult to edit, but, once again no problem for Powerdirector :D

I've just upgraded to PD9 and it's even better.

You can download the program for free on a trial basis to see if it suits.

Hope this helps


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Here's what I do.

I have a quite a few videos on my website that have come from the Go Pro.

I record at 720p and use Windows 7 built in Live Movie Maker.

Import the .MP4 files from the Go Pro and edit etc.

Save and upload to You-Tube. All really easy.

Not full of fancy FX, but if you just want to cut out the bad bits etc and add some tranisitions it fine.

For more fancy stuff I use Serif Movie Plus X3. Very cheap!

If you call Serif direct and ask for special deals on Movie Maker you can get a great deal off RRP.



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I agree with Cyberlink too, someone filmed me crashing with a Panasonic TZ7 in AVCHD whilst I was filming from my head mounted go pro and it was dead simple to merge the 2 together, took ages to process the video and upload it but I just left it running and did something else!

The first bit is the Panasonic and the rest is the GoPro!


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