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Flying boxing day


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we will be flying on boxing we will be taking off from cottingham near the humber bridge and then on to the hull aero club airfield which is only a 20 mins flight, then on to the coast of hornsea {another ten mins} there you can fly to bridlington in another ten or so mins, you are more than welcome to join us, we will be meeting at a fellow pilots house around 10 am ish in cottingham,

there will be at least 5-6 pilots i should think , maybe more

let me know either way




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Fun Flight with Ben, lots of low flying over the downs in really smooth conditions. Started to feel the chill after 1 hour but was'nt too bad at about 2 degrees. I might do a coastal flight in the next few days if the weather looks good , either from Newhaven, or off the beach down on Hayling island . I will post here if I see a window of opportunity .




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Hi George

I am always up for flying the coast, so please give me a call next time you are thinking of going flying from your site down in Angmering and I will happily join you. This time of year the coast is a bit far to go from my place as you get pretty chilled after an hour no matter how much you wear. And of course you are welcome to come and fly in to my farm. my cell # 07875724540. Cheers Seymore

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liked your video on facebook Steve.

Lets go do something this weekend. Both Sunday and Monday look good. I had a fly about today, and even though the dull overcast was a bit depressing, it was a nice smooth flight along the front of the Downs. I,m partying at my friends place in Hurstpier Point for new year and I,m staying over in my camper so I might do a flight Saturday from there, or maybe not depending on how I feel. If you want to fly the Brighton pier to Newhaven run give me a call in the morning.

I,m going to go look, and if it is what the buyer says, buy a Baileys v4-200 next week.

Happy New Year to all.

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I am up for flying today as it looks like the better day. Monday is looking foggy and the southerly wind will probably bring in a few showers much like the last time I flew that area with morgy and luke . I willl keep an eye on conditions but don,t get your hopes up too far. I have a farm I fly from in Hurstpierpoint and there is the beach at Newhaven.

If any one wants to fly today from Hurstpierpoint we could fly along the downs to Firle Beacon and back along the coast to Brighton. Give me a call 07875724540


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This post is for Luke...

I've spoken to Nick and Seymour.

Seymour was aghast at your idea of starting so early...but said that if we call him when we meet at the services we can then decide where/when to meet him.

Nick is also up for joining us, but at the time of me posting this, isn't sure what time he can join us.

So...if you still want to meet at the services between 7:30 and 8, then I'm up for that and we can then chat to Seymour and Nick and sort out where to meet them. Sounds like we have a few options.



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