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new year cross country


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Hi All,

Could well be up for it but depends on dates as I'm working nights on 1st,2nd and 3rd but free for the four days following.

If it fits in and I go Simon we could car share would be cheaper than driving your landi up there. pretty sure we can fit all the kit in the car though you would have to breakdown your parajet.

Let me know and we'll see what we can orgainise..

Cheers Col.........

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Hi Builder and everyone else,

Sounds good. If things pan out, post a definate date. I have quite a few gigs over Christmas, New Year period which means very early morning finishes, but if I can I'm up for it.


The new throttle has arrived. Going to fit it over Christmas, any chance of using the field for some motor on ground handling? Will ring you first of course. The throttle will now be in my right hand and would like to get used to clipping in and turning differently.

Merry Christmas everybody


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Yep, I'm up for this. How about the first inter club relay Leics to Derby's or visa versa depending on wind directon. We could always call in at Airways and say hello to Chris Dawes on the way past. :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol: We might even by able to fly back if its not to windy and we take petrol.....

If you are thinking of coming Simon W you will be flying this route on the tip to tip anyway... good practice for you.

Derby branch would that be ok with you.?

2nd or 3rd week in Jan Poss?

Kev, No worries mate, give us a ring and I might come down and have a buzz around myself. Wait till you see my most recent invention. Norman knows about it, but he is sworn to secrecy..... even Gilo has been asking about it YOU ARE ALL GOING TO WANT ONE :D:D:wink:

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I can say 80% for the 5th :D

Any other Tip to Tip pilots who want to fly this leg with the Leictershire and Derbyshire clubs? Clearly it would be good to fly a few legs of the route.


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Hi Simon, would have liked to but am in Spain from 5 - 10 Jan, l have booked all the training weekends, but l think l told you that. Next Sunday is looking good for PG but if the winds die down a tad then PPG on Sunday for definate.

Regards Mike

P S HAPPY NEW YEAR (it wont be long before Spring now) :D:D:D:D

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