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Lancashire XC Flying - Wind Farms, Reservoirs & Quarries

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Thanks guys. 8)

The landscape there varies so much that you see something different every few minutes of each flight - and it goes on for miles in most directions ... Makes a nice change from the beaches & flat fields we often fly from.

We covered over 40 miles in that one flight, and usually get out a few times each week. Maybe a Northern fly-in is in order for 2011 ??


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:lol: I did get a bit carried away with effects in my new video editor, but have since been experimenting with alternative camera mounts (foot & wing), so watch out for further installments ....

The PiP segments are about the only chance I get to see myself flying, as other people rarely seem to take a camera with them.

Hopefully get some good footage from our Christmas fly-in at Northumberland.

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Hi Alan

Enjoyed your video much. Really interesting for me as I recognised the landscape. In fact I've had a few very nice meals at the pub at 4:40.

Swapped Bury for Marbella 4 years ago, before I started PPG, but would love to have a fly with you guys if I ever manage to get back with my kit.

It looks like you've got the same wing as me (Revo2) or is yours the fusion.

Anyway, well done for showing that we've got more than excellent black pudding around Bury!

ps 0:30 secs in, where are you flying over? I feel I should recognise it, but just can't get my bearings.



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Hi Dan,

Thanks - I've watched at least one of your videos enviously (when its been raining here) :P

0:30 - 1:00 is over Heywood, and yes it is a Dune coloured Revo2 I fly, with a Kobra Evo motor.

We also fly a lot around the Wirral coast, Formby, Leigh and a few other areas so your welcome to join up any time. Hoping to make it to Spain next year with the motor but will probably stay between Barcelona and France as I know a few people around there.



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