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Hang Points - Which is Best?

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Hi Everyone

I'm a completely new to paramotoring although I've done some microlighting before. I have a question which I can't seem to find an answer anywhere - what are the advantages and disadvantages to high and low hang points. From the little I can gather, opinion is split 50/50 as to preference so what's the difference?


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Generally, low hang points allow for greater weight shift steering, transmit more feedback from the wing and feel more like paragliding. High hang points give a more stable feeling in flight, and some find them easier to launch with - but there is no 'best' - just personal choice and everyone's opinion will be different.

If you don't paraglide then it may be best to go with high hang points, but it all comes down to what motor you choose or what equipment your instructor provides. If possible, try both and decide for yourself.

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