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British Made Wood Props


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Coming soon British made wooden props.

Parajet two blade pulse prop will be coming off the line soon with three blade to follow.

If you are interested in getting a spare for your motor let me know.

Other than parajet props I need a prop (or a good half) of the type you want to take a master from.

A master should only take 1-4 days to complete (depending on work load) so you would get your original back then with the new prop to follow a bit later.

Stock levels should build up soon so hopefully we would be able to supply off the shelf.

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Yes all my own work from the bare boards to thicknessing, planning,laminating, cutting ,sanding ,balancing, and coating.

Not really cost effective if I had to pay for a unit but I got a big garage, bloody cold in there though at the moment.

Should have my new cutter built in a few months (providing I get time to do it) so will be able to turn them out a bit quicker.

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I had the same thought Dave.

Good luck with your craftsmanship then Pete. Like you said, probably not profitable but I'll bet it's rewarding when you see the first one driving someone through the air.

ps. Bet you cant wait for me to ding one :!:


Well simon will have the first one on his Macro or me on mine.

I will be waiting along time for your order then dave what with that super safe motor you fly :D

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Hey Pete,

I may very well be interested in one. I'll have a look at Simon's sometime soon and then when I've got the money I'll give you a shout.

Could be useful for teaching!! :)



No probs Steve

Im just finishing another two and one of those have already gone :D

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