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The euphoria of PPG


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Green fields with unobstructed view,

Man and machine plus paraglider too,

With apprehension and excitement mixed,

As pilot in command stands transfixed,

Upon the endeavour to achieve the goal,

Of leaving the ground and enlightening the soul.

The kit is all checked, the engine warm for action,

Lines taut it’s time to push on forward,

The wing rises quickly with exigency to fly,

The pull of the risers asserts its direction,

A few steps now are all that are needed,

Power, power, power the instructors shout heeded.

Feel the lightness of footfall advancing,

With each stride into the consciousness,

The level of determination is all consuming,

To keep the feet moving as gravity is beaten,

Now airbourne the apprehension is receding,

Flight is now yours, full with esoteric passion.

Cheers all,


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The calm of this eve's scant repeated

On Parajet soon I'll be seated

But hold my keen heart

Since the fu##er won't start

So it's off down the pub feeling cheated

I can sense a comedian/Poet appearing, thats brilliant :') im gunna think of one to add, and we could try and create a daft poem for a laugh :L

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