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Reserve mounting


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I have a question regarding bridle routing for my reserve. I have a PAP Top 80 with an overhead mounted Metamorfosi Conar reserve. The reserve has a very thick (about 1” dia) line protruding from it with a mallion at the end. This line is over 1ft long. I then connect this whenever the frame is re-assembled to the reserve bridle loop. I used to make the mistake of stuffing the line down the back of the harness, but it then has the possibility of fouling the starter pawls, or worse, the rotating metal prongs. I now use a Velcro cable tidy (from the back of the telly) to ensure that the mallion and line are secured to the frame. This seems ok, except that there will be a slight snatch on deployment.

I would have thought that the best solution would be to have this thick line from the reserve packed in the reserve container with just the mallion protruding.

Does anyone have any experience of the overhead mount with a Metamorfosi Conar reserve?

Many thanks.


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