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Interesting YouTube tag tips

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You may already know about this, but it really helped me this morning with correcting the aspect ratio on my uploaded video.

You simply type in one of the following into the tag section:


(zooms in on the 16:9 area, removes windowboxing)


(fixes anamorphic content by scaling to 16:9)


(fixes 720x480 content that is the wrong aspect ratio by scaling to 4:3)


(default to a high quality stream, depending on availability)

....and finally, another video from Spain. Sorry if they're getting a little boring, I'm still in the novelty stage and trying to get better at the PPG video lark.

(any constructive feedback more than welcome, as you tend to get a bit blind to your own mistakes :? )


(as always, switch to 720p or 1080p, full screen, and let it buffer for about 5 minutes for a smooth viewing)



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Not boring at all Dan, keep them coming :)

I feel the need to at least see some flying on the monitor, as I am not getting any airtime at the moment because the weather is rubbish :(

Have you got a spare room :?::lol:

Are there any more PPGers in your area :?:



Thanks Alan.

There are a great bunch of 5 or 6 Spanish PPG's in the immediate area, but no English. Not such a bad thing as it makes me practice my Spanish.

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Hi Dan,

My only bit of advice would be to try and break up your vids into a story line.

Intro, Start, main content, end. And inside of those sections, try not to use the same shot for more than 10 seconds. So something like, 10 seconds of flying, 3/4 seconds of looking at the wing, 10 more seconds of flying, a 3/4 second still... and so on.

They are called 'fill shots' and key to keeping things moving in a vid. :-)

They are the main factors in the first 3 days of the course I have started and makes a huge difference.

The Spain Video although not one of my favorites has quite a few fill shots in it...



Not a pro of course, but tips that helped me to enjoy the process of learning a lot more.


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That is a crackin' video!

It illustrates your pointers superbly.

All advice taken onboard with much appreciation.

I think the problem is that, as a novice, I think everybody will be as enthralled with my flying experience as I am, and that is clearly not the case. Watching your video, I get this now.

Thanks very much.


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