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How do I post a picture

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Sorry to seem dumb guys, but can someone spell out to me exactly how to get a series of pics to display in a post. Not a link, but an actual picture.

I have a Picasa web album account with my pics on it. If I cannot get my images to display from Picasa, which online album do I need to get.

Tell me like you're telling a 5 yr old ie point by point, 'cause I've been trying for 20 minutes (concentration span of 5 yr old :D)



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1. Click as normal to post a new message.

2. Scroll down to just past the box that you type your message in.

3. Under 'Upload attachments ( orange writing in blue line ) ' click the 'Choose file' button.

4. Browse to the file, on your hard drive and click upload.

DONE :-)


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Dan, can you copy the web address from your pictures on Picasa ... http://blah....blah..., right click on the photo perhaps?

If so, paste it into your post, highlight it, then click on the Img button, job done.

If you can't get the address you could use photobucket to host you pics. Looking forward to the pics,

Cheers, Alan

Hi Alan

Thanks for your help, but that was the first thing I tried. What I get is a box with image written in it and a red cross ie it won't display the image.

Not sure if this is a setting I need to change on my pc?

Thanks Simon

Only problem with this, is I'm being asked to crop all of my photos, which if I have to I will, but would rather not

The message says: The image must be at least 0 pixels wide, 0 pixels high and at most 1200 pixels wide and 1200 pixels high. The submitted image is 1600 pixels wide and 1027 pixels high..

Any way raround this?

Sorry to be a pain :oops:

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