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Anyone seen this before


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Notice how the landing (impact) was edited out ..... he was coming down fast & hard, same as any non steerable reserve - even though he was able to choose his field I don't reckon the landing would have been a pretty sight.

The best you can hope for with any reserve is to make a catastrophic event surviveable, and I prefer the quicker opening and slower descent rate of my non-steerable reserve for that. ... :|

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Im thinking of buying a reserve soon for my pap. Stumbled on this , so what do you reckon any good ??

Thanks Clive

I would like to see how it behaves if you don't have time\height or the inclination to cut away your paraglidier, in this video it magically disappears, my guess is that with 30m of cloth dragging you would come down verticality and faster than a standard parachute.

Paul D

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This one sounds good-


Nice because it behaves as a traditional reserve until you release the brakes, then it starts flying forward and flares on landing too. Different method to pack though (apparently).


This looks like a great piece of kit.......Descent rate appeared to be quite slow too.

Neil.. :D

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