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Plugs or Muffs??


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Hi All.

Just wanted a few opinions on ear defenders. I am thinking of swapping to ear plugs when flying off-comms', but not sure how good they would be compared to ear muffs. I figure they would feel more natural and be less clutter.

Has anyone got any experience and recommendations for ear plugs?



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I have an icaro helmet with peltor ear defenders. I have to say that the comms are great BUT they seem to let in more noise than i would have expected. On some of my long flights my ears are slightly muffled due to the noise...

So i have been thinking about using plugs as well. Like Dan said defenders keep your ears warm this time if year unless your going to wear furry muff's :lol:

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Plugs and muffs go well together in fact. :roll:

When I am not flying with comms, which is most of the time, I use a set of ANR headphones.

They are great for when you turn the engine off.

They amplify whispers, and then cut off when a loud noise starts (like the motor)

And they keep your ears warm.


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I'm a fan of ear plugs. I have a microavionics headset that I occasionally use when flying in a group requiring comms.

Plugs feel better for me though - less clutter and weight.

Like Simon I use ANR headphones when listening to music - can still hear the top 80 purring but it's not bothering.

I think minimalist is the way to go.....more natural :wink:


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Actually Luke, I totally agree...

I always fly with the minimum kit on required for the day.

Open face helmet, ear plugs. Just feels ace! And flying in a T-shirt in the summer months is amazing.

Clearly this time of year, the minimum kit is everything I own, layered. :-)


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hi all

 I wear these plugs I used to work in a foundry had them made for very noise places

had foam pumped in to ear for mould then made of rubber last a life time very comfatable as well

not sure how much they cost but don't think they were cheep1494245510_20180603_141213(1).thumb.jpg.8448c81eb92d6c26c322122ca987f047.jpg

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