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Advice on a GPS unit?


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Evening All

I'm after a GPS unit. I know this has been done to death, but there are that many out there, it's hard to decide.

I'm not after bells and whistles - just something that gives me location, location memory, tracking, speed, height, route planning etc. The more compact the better - something that will fit nicely in a pouch that I can clip to my harness.

As for budget? Well I wouldn't mind a second hand unit - £100? Colour screen would be nice, as would Garmin - but I'll see what comes up - might be able to squeeze the budget a little :)

It's more of a backup device as opposed to something I'll need desperately in the air...




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If you are not fussed about a map, the Garmin foretrex 401is a great little gadget. It's tiny and has all the gps functions you need. Just need to put waypoints in from mapping software or manually from co-ordinates - Google earth etc. Can download track later to google earth. Currently £125 on Amazon.

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a bit late, but.......

i now have a suunto x10 - great bit of kit, but maybe out of your budget? but before that i had the perfect solution (for me anyway!) in the garmin geko - it has a configurable screen to select the parameters that you want to display (speed, height, heading etc) AND it starts automatically when you start moving! how good is that if you have failed launches and forget to reset, lol

to top it off you can download straight onto google earth (or is that my x10 which definitely can) so that you can see your track - which by the way is good to keep incase you are reported for being somewhere that you shouldnt (ie built up area)

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