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Best Paramotor?


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I guess this has probably been done already but there may be more options on the market since!

I currently have a Pap top 80 which has been great, never let me down and starts first time, but quite liking what ive heard about the mikalight or x generation with the Polini engine?

What do you think is the best Paramotor available on the market today?

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as Pete says, there are as many options as when buying a new car - there is no 'best' car for everyone or we would all be driving the same make & model.

I've now owned & flown a few, seen loads of the older models in action and closely examined most of the latest offerings at various shows & events this year. Some were better than others but all had pro's & con's - if I could mix & match the best features then I might come close to the perfect machine .... for me anyway.

I've now got a new Kobra Super Rocco Evo ST which comes closest to my idea of the perfect machine, but its a heavy beast and weighs almost 2/3rds of your body weight before adding fuel (a good 50kg with full tank & reserve) - so I doubt it would interest you !! :lol:

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I wouldn't do it either, that motor is 4Kgs heavier (which is a lot at your weight) and it doesn't yet have the reliability of the Top80. But if you are still interested test fly one by all means, just make sure you test fly the Top80 with a 130 prop too.

Personally for me weight or lack of it, (and economy) is everything, which is why i fly an XL Miniplane.



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