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When I take video with my GoPro, the raw footage results are fantastic. They are HD, fill the screen and make you go WOW!

Then I edit them in Cyberlink Powerdirector 8, which incidently is a great programme to work with, except I would really like to cut, add music, titles etc and be able to produce in the same format and quality as the raw footage. This appears to be impossible. Not sure why.

Then when I upload to YouTube the results are pants compared to my original footage.

Occasionally, I post the raw footage to YouTube and the results are great. So it seems the editing process f**ks up the quality.

Obviously I know that compression must take place in order to upload the video, but without the editing process in the middle I get good results.

Anyone know a way around this, to edit and post to YT without loosing the WOW factor.


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I have recently brought a iMac, and iMovie is a great program that comes with the mac. I don't have a HD camera but I have edited some DV video with great results. Its so easy with the Mac and its got a YouTube conversion built into the iMovie Software so you can convert the video and upload straight to YouTube.

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I had the same issues when I tried to edit my Go-Pro footage using Powerdirector 8 on my PC,

I think it was down to Frame Rate in the end if it's been filmed in 30fps and edited at 25fps then it looks pants,

but since bought a mac and the difference is unbelievable,

Goodluck with it, Powerdirector 8 is't a bad program, but no comparison to final cut or Imovie's at that matter. :)

Cheers Rigger.....

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Need I also say,

The Mac Book Pro, range with iMovie is awesome.

Final cut express is awesomer..

and final cut pro will just blow most minds.

sorry, I forgot to mention about the PC... O no, thats because there is nothing good to say about one.


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Did I mention there are no viruses for the Mac. No virus software is required or associated hassles.

I think my issue is that I have always had top of the range PC laptops, any movie software running full HD or the use of Software Synthesisers just locked them up all the time, I could not use live editing tools which is pants of course.

The mid range Mac (which was the same price) has not failed me yet, despite the fact that I have loaded it with most of the industry leading software and run them together during edits and so on....

Final Cut (pro) but gone back to Express for a bit.

Logic Studio (pro) with over 100 software synths running along side as plugins.!!

Its just the fact they work soooooo very well, and iMovie just wipes the floor with most of the PC editing software...

I don't work for Mac nor am I selling one. :-) :-)


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I was having all sorts of problems editing my GoPro footage ... until I bought a Mac. I edit the movie and save it in 1080 (as per the raw images), then upload using the magic built in youtube uploader. What I will start doing, however, is once I have saved the movie at 1080 making another copy at 720 and uploading that instead as it will be quicker.

The only problem I am still having with the GoPro is the way it adjusts from high to low light, particularly when you turn into light. On the video below you can see what I mean. Any tips on what setting I might adjust would be useful, I am currently on the automatic metering mode, rather than spot. At one stage it gets so grainy I put it in black and white (which is actually quite cool).

You can't expect it to do everything though so all-in-all I am quite pleased. You only need a couple of minutes of good footage from an hour's flight anyway.


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Ive gone and got the ATC9K camera ....The camera is awsome its the same hd quality of the gopro ....its wide angle....its got a remote....and its got a lcd screen on the back so you can set up for the shot/or video, its waterproof to 20 mtrs.....BUT what a bloody nightmare to edit....

you have to convert the files which takes ages via a third party software first then save them ...then bring them into my editing program ULEAD... if I would only have bought a MAC my life would be so much easier.....as apparently....you can edit the files straight from the camera :cry:

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