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A convert to 'the darkside'.......


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Hi All,

I paraglide for fun, but have decided parawaiting is becoming too frustrating... so I'm short finals to get myself a Flat top 200.

Being new to the motorised side of this sport, could someone give me the details for any schools/instructors local to Yeovil (where I live).

Many thanks,


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Wont take much to convert a chap with your skill level Paul. I dont know if he did ever start PPG tuition but John Welch at Flight Culture would probably be closest to you. About 4 instructors will have read your message by now too. Pete B cant be too far away. You'll probably only take a couple of days to convert so distance might not be a biggy !

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One of these days I want to 'convert to the darkside' too - i.e. try free flying my wing. The horror - no engine! Probably best to do it with someone who can give me some tips rather than just lobbing myself off a cliff though.

Only problem is that the clip board nazis seem to have baggsied all the possible flying hills in the world (and possibly the hills in other worlds too) for their club and don't like people rocking up and doing their own thing. There is a reason that I paramotor...

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