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Fusion Brake Handles (might affect Revo2's as well)


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Hey folks,

I've been meaning to post this for a while, and kept forgetting.,..

Just a quick warning on new Fusion brake toggles...My new wing, bought a few months ago, came with brake toggles that are adjustable using a black plastic slide-buckle.

The problem came a few weeks ago when flying with DanTheMan over Guildford, when mid-flight, one of the buckles slipped and the handle came undone and basically became a floppy strap.

I tried to feed it back through the buckle in flight, but no joy. So I managed a landing by wrapping that strap round my fingers and then sorted it out when I had landed. However, it was still slipping.

What I have done now is, on the bit of strap after it has fed through the buckle, fold the end of the strap back on itself and sew it up with button-hole thread and then wrapped that end in a little tape. This means that the end cannot feed itself through the buckle now, if it does slip.

If you have these (what I think of as slightly pointless) handles, then just be aware of the slippage possibility.


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Yep. Unfortunately that's the one.

You have to peel back the spandex/lycra wrap to see it.

It only takes 10-15 mins to sew it up with some button-hole thread.

Just take the end of that strap (that is sticking out) and fold it over on itself, and sew a line of stitches across it (and go over it several times). This means that the strap can now not slide through the buckle if it were to slip.

You may not have any issuesas your strap might not slip like mind did, but it was unnerving to be in the air with only a loose strap as a brake and with that in mind, I'd do the "Haze-Stitch-Mod" to be on the safe side.

I'm going to email Paramania, with this...so maybe they'll change it. :roll:

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I'm going to email Paramania, with this...so maybe they'll change it. :roll:

Well it would be nice to see some sort of official response to this and the brake line problems. After an initial exchange of emails they stopped replying to me ..... :| At first I was told to go & read the manual (which was not supplied), then I got:

Brake lines please set up like In a manual. This is correct. We discovered that it was a mistake 25 cm longer brake lines in your wing we are very sorry.

C & D risers are loose that is right they are not heavy loaded. Main load is on A. That is why you have problem to move trim buckle. But I tested it on Rev 2 #26 myself (with my weight 85 kg together with paramotor and fuel) and I didn’t had any problem with trimmer buckle, I didn’t have to use both hands to open them (trim off). Maybe if they were out a little bit it will be easier. We don’t have another solution right now.

Perhaps a single fault shouldn't be enough for a recall, but if several customers are experiencing similar (or different) faults with a product then some sort of acknowledgement, solution, or advisory notice should be issued immediately - after all, any defective aviation product is likely to have more severe consequences than say a leaking dishwasher ... (or perhaps it is the English way to effect your own repairs, Heath Robinson style with needle & thread ... ) :wink:

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My advice is:

Until this is solved by the manufacturer (for whom I am a dealer) people should use the standard old ones. Buy them from where ever you like, but here is a link to the shop.

http://www.paramotorclub.org/catalog/pr ... 86u31bkov1

Anyone buying a Revo 2 or any other Paramania wing from me will have the standard ones fitted and the adjustable ones in a bag at no cost until further notice.


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Quote......I'm going to email Paramania, with this...so maybe they'll change it.

( I Doubt it ) :evil:

....doesnt seem like they are not going to do anything about THE KNOT....why should they bother with the brake handles.... :?


Had a reply from Pascal yesterday, he is away at the moment and will reply on his return.

Unfortunately I havn't seen these type of handles or indeed had problems with my knots on my Revo trimmers which ive flown for a few years now so can't comment.

Pre flight checks are a part of what we do and I admit that I probably lapse a little on pre flight checks regarding the wing. In my experience on Paramania wings they have been so reliable and consistent that its easy to lapse a little on checks, however these comments regarding brakes / trimmers etc highlight the need for thorough checks. More so if introducing something new ie recent motor maintenance, different harness, reserve or wing, even if it is a new wing.

It is a very small industry after all which I believe makes the sport we do more special. If it wasn't for companys with a passion for what we love to do we wouldn't have the choice of equipment we have. I doubt that many, of the paramotor industry Directors are on Lord Sugars Xmas card list!!!

Yes you can buy a nice motorcycle for the price of a motor and wing but the sales volume of these motorcycles allow reflection in cost price and after sales service etc. Paramotoring perhaps doesn't have that luxury. I know what I prefer, and after 18 years in the ambulance service i know which is safer!!

Be safe and take this bad period of weather as an opportunity to check all your kit. It will make you more confident in your day to day flying.


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Richard, I can see the point you are making but I'm sorry to disagree. Yes it is a low volume / profit margin industry but that is no excuse to compromise on safety. We are not talking about some old hippy whittling surf boards on a beach, but a modern hi-tech industry.

It is excellent that the Paramania team are all enthusiastic, competitive fliers, as it is their input and development which leads to better products on the market for us regular folk. It is one of the reasons why I traded my perfectly safe wing for a newer, improved model. I put my faith and cash that I can ill afford into buying it, as they need customers to fuel development as much as we crave better products.

Maybe there is too much pressure to release new models for each flying season, or to steal an edge on the competition ? Neither is an excuse to rush the testing phase, or omit production quality checks. Of course we are responsible for checking our own gear before every flight, but we should also expect things to be correct when delivered - buckles, knots, fabric, line lengths etc - these are things we should visually inspect but cannot measure, load test or otherwise certify each time we fly.

Simon has made his own (good) judgement call on the brake handles but I wonder how many other dealers (or customers) are even aware of the various problems ? I'm not happy at the prospect of paying more money to end up with a lesser spec product than I originally paid for, and I can't really complain to Paramania as my brake handles haven't failed yet. Similarly I've had no problems since tightening my prussic knot, although I am wary of it as it isn't the right application for a prussic (the line it attaches to is not thick enough).

I chose their product above the others on the market and just want to be happy with my purchase. Doubts have been raised through various problems and I just want a bit of reassurance from the company that everything will be dealt with.

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Quote ......We are not talking about some old hippy whittling surf boards on a beach, :shock::shock::shock:

wwoohh.....hang on this is me on my latest HIGH TECH SURFBOARD .....next to a very high tech Scotish industy....Surfing is all very high tech these days ....and there is mega millions of pounds in the Sport......and it keeps me young-------ish :D

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I had a reply late last night...(So within 12 hours of me emailing)...

Hi Steve

Thank you for information

I am really sorry about this error.

We have noticed the problem. it happen only 3 times actually.

We are make a stitching in all production right now.

emilia plak

Paramania Office


skype: paramaniaoffice

That sounds good enough to me. They have noticed and are already making the necessary changes. So for anyone who already has it, maybe give them a ring and they'd send replacements? (Or speak to Simon like he's already mentioned)....or just stitch it up yourself like I did. I'm quite happy that my mod is safe enough.

All the best,

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Well done Steve for posting this thread & updates. Also well done to Paramania for producing a clear safety warning promptly.

I still have a few concerns though. I wouldn't have known about this problem if I didn't visit this forum frequently. There is nothing on their website and despite all my communications with every member of their team there has been nothing directly from them about this. I know at least one other owner who bought his Revo2 at the same time as me who is blissfully unaware of this issue and he is also on their mailing list. It wouldn't have cost anything to email customers direct.

The same goes for the incorrect brake line length (25cm too long). I don't know how many wings were affected but it is all of the 3 owners that I know of.

Its a good thing the brake problem happened to you (sorry :wink: ) as an experienced pilot & instructor who could deal with it in flight. Since these wings are marketed at the beginner / intermediate sector I dread to think what could happen in the United States of Litigation if a novice pilot took off with trimmers that are difficult to set back to slow, extra long brakes that were ineffective and then a handle comes apart when tugging on it ...... The consequences could put a smallish company out of business which would be a sad loss to everyone.

Not having a dig at Paramania but ALL companies should be able to contact their customers (either directly or through the dealer network) when such problems are discovered within the first year of production, as wings are unlikely to have changed hands in that time. I'll wait to see if MY dealer / importer contacts me .....

Oh, and I'll carry out my own mod for now (even though I'm a pleb with a needle & thread so I'll probably put it through my thumb) but it sounds like this plastic buckle could be a weak point for damage (if you accidentally stand on your risers for instance) especially as it is hidden under the neoprene cover - so it would be nice if a more permanent solution is released in the near future .....

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B&Q sell plastic and metal buckles, but to be honest, if you are concerned about it not standing up to the tests of time, then give Simon a shout, he's got the non-adjustable handles that you could buy.

As for the announcements and things...

The Dealer Network should have been informed and I suspect Paramania are sending that PDF to their dealers. In respect of notifications, it would be hard for dealers to notify all their customer as (this being a fledgling industry) they probably don't have full contacts lists for everyone they have sold a wing to.

Notifications are now beginning to circulate, but I guess this is where this forum (and others) come into their own. This is what we are all about here; information exchanges within the community and getting safety notifcations out and getting resolutions to problems.

All the best,

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Steve, with respect I didn't buy my wing from B&Q (or Simon, unfortunately) and don't really see why I should have to fork out more cash on an almost brand new wing, or make uncertified modifications (beyond the stitching mod). This would be unthinkable for almost any other new product.

It is hardly a "fledgling industry" as I purchased through a 'Northern' dealer who has been in this business for 22 years now. How many wings are purchased off the shelf with cash ?? I would say almost all new wings are pre-ordered in a certain size or colour scheme, and probably paid for by credit card. Most dealers will have records of their customers and for many it is a long term relationship.

Yes, forums like this are fantastic for information exchanges but not everyone uses them (or sees everything in time). Manufacturers can't just throw a new product onto the market and hope their customers will huddle together on forums and come up with bodges & fixes to make them safe & usable.

I run a company myself so I know how hard it is, but I'm also well aware of the legal minefield if problems occur. Of course companies like Toyota and Apple are better equipped to deal with the product faults they've faced this year, but small companies are equally liable for providing proper solutions.

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No offence taken in regards to my B&Q suggestion. I was just trying to suggest that if you wanted to, you could put in a stronger buckle, but I do agree that you shouldn't have to do that. These things SHOULD come out of the factory tested and working and not require the "Heath Robinson" approach.

I guess the next logical thing I can suggest is to contact the northern dealer and ask them to sort it out with paramania, maybe demand some free non-adjustable handles?? I'm guessing you haven't had much luck with them?

I contacted Paramania through their website and got the reply within 12 hours...Maybe give them a call if you still want to have direct contact with them?



PS: I'm not defending the manufacturers...I totally agree that we shouldn't be guinea-pigs to be tested on.

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I think we are all in agreement on that point.

I will certainly forward the notices to the Northern dealer - in case they haven't seen them yet - and will wait to see what final solution is offered. My handles haven't failed yet so the mod should keep things safe for the time being.

For the record I've never had any problems contacting Paramania and they've even provided mobile numbers for when they are out on the road or at competitions. Individually and in person they have all been supportive and happy to give their time.

I've had 5 other wings in my free flying & motoring 'career' without a single issue so after waiting 6 weeks for delivery of this new wing I had high expectations. One problem I could cope with but this handle problem makes 5 'issues', leaving me questioning my decision not to go with D*d*k ... Too late now so I'm just hoping my faith will be restored .... :?

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Here is a direct reply from Pascal, sent to me unedited and posted.



Hi All

Im glad to see there are so many pilots on this forum, and even happier to see that obviously not all have the time to write long mails ;) because hopefully they are busy flying!

Paramania have issued safety notices to all our dealers and representatives. Only a few of the first Revo2 wings were delivered with this problem. All customers who had this issue have been attended to immediately, and in some cases in person. All wings now come with the correct adjustments.

Setting up the brake is basic procedure which each pilot must do before first flight. Pilots fly different high points so it is more than necessary. Also the information on how to set up brakes are in our online manuals available on the Paramania web site http://www.flyparamania.com (still unsure contact your nearest Paramania dealer / rep)

Anyone who has a question for a Paramania dealer or directly (by email) to Paramania has and will receive an immediate answer.

Now the Revo2 has received EN-B certification, which is what we worked so hard to have, without compromising the the full Reflex characteristics.

We believe this is the safest rated Reflex wing around which is still super fun and dynamic for a wing of it's class. We can all enjoy the Revo2 what ever level of pilot you are and if you can dont hesitate to take the time to try it, its like nothing else out there!

And with such a huge sink / speed / stability range on the trimmers, you can really enjoy several different sizes too!


Pascal Campbell-Jones

Paramania Team



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Hello chaps

I have read all these comments with great interest as I have a Fusion wing and found that my trimmers slip when you adjust them.

If you pull the buckle backwards it will stop it slipping, anyway this happened well within the warranty period so i contacted the agent i bought it from which was Mid Wales Paragliding with no success.

A month ago I was at the coupe festival in France and who was there Paramania And Pascal so i mentioned this to him and was told they had some upgrades and to come back tomorrow which I duly did only to be told he had left them in the van can you come back later, I did guess what yes he had forgot them my mate even spent 180 euros with him and that did not jog his memory.

Now his van could not have been that far away so either he could not have been that bothered or he was so busy, none of them looked run of their feet so I got the feeling it was the former.

I am a self employed builder and the satisfaction of my customers is the priority to me obviously not Paramania's.

So anyone asking what i think of the company will get the truth ( RUBBISH AFTERSALES)

The comment regarding the van was made because i made 4 trips to Paramanias stand at about 1.5 miles a go and paid to get into the event Alan. ( dissatisfied customer )

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