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Paramotor Wing - Wanted


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Hi All,

Im looking for a Paramotor Wing, I did try and post in the wanted section but it wouldnt let me.

I have finished my training at AXB Sports in Doncaster where I will be staying. My training there has been great and Paul is a great guy.

I now need a wing. The wing must be large size, very good condition ideally with a service report with no damage.

Im looking at something like a Revo or a Dudek Synth wing.

The only problem I have is with me having just bought a motor and other equipment and the funds i have are not massive.

I have £800 to spend immediately and if somebody as a wing at this price then fantastic. But if somebody as a wing that would be more than this but is willing to take £800 immediately and come to an agreement for the rest over the next month or two I would be happy with that.

Im located in Armthorpe, Doncaster.

Many Thanks,

Jonathan Machon

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So i have, honestly didnt notice it. As the wing been serviced at all, I spoke to a flyer at the club who said the wings were but through alot of strain on the tip to tip tour but im new to all this so i dont know whats good or not, i thought the revo would make a good first wing but he said it would be more of a second wing.



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