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Help....Make an old man Happy

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MMMMMMM Am I too old? Seriously though........... a few years ago, actually 10. Where does it go, I went out to slovakia and did a course and made one faltering solo...............actually I am not sure it was meant, it just happened! The experience was amazing, I rushed back and bought all the gear........now I should say I lived in Scotland, on the west coast, its never not windy,sorry scot friends but it seemed like that. So I never got airborne again and then had all my gear nicked when I drove south to find a better wind!! God does this go on...I am getting there. So like a woos I said flip it, and went to the pub. But that flight has irritated me...........I loved it. I was out at the beach the other day and this paramotor flew right over the top and then turned and flew along the waters edge and I thought you ****** So here is the ? When I did that flight the paramotor was soo heavy it took three men to strap it on....well thats not true but it seemed flipppin heavy and I ran like a duck, all webbed feet splayed and lumbering, shortly after take off the wing veered right , I veered left and full chat clearing the barbed wire I clawed skyward, the radiolink dropped out and I set off to Calais, well not quite,but I headed roughly for a field and landed, dropping to my knees immediately crushed by the sherman tank i was carrying grinning into the mud, spitting grass and mud , my instructor arrived crying, I thought I do not know what all the fuss is about I thought it went fine.....what Insurance! And sad............I never managed to get airborne again and now I am 53, with iffy parts. So fellows Am I too Old, is there equipment out there now that is not cast in bronze and is there a wing that will do the running for me? I now live in Norfolk, the wind is generally below 40 knots...but will travel for the right girl........sorry I drifted there, and will travel for some pukka advice or training or sales outlet or anywhere that might get this one time wonder airborne again. Advice please friends :dive:

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