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Help....Make an old man Happy

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MMMMMMM Am I too old? Seriously though........... a few years ago, actually 10. Where does it go, I went out to slovakia and did a course and made one faltering solo...............actually I am not sure it was meant, it just happened! The experience was amazing, I rushed back and bought all the gear........now I should say I lived in Scotland, on the west coast, its never not windy,sorry scot friends but it seemed like that. So I never got airborne again and then had all my gear nicked when I drove south to find a better wind!! God does this go on...I am getting there. So like a woos I said flip it, and went to the pub. But that flight has irritated me...........I loved it. I was out at the beach the other day and this paramotor flew right over the top and then turned and flew along the waters edge and I thought you ****** So here is the ? When I did that flight the paramotor was soo heavy it took three men to strap it on....well thats not true but it seemed flipppin heavy and I ran like a duck, all webbed feet splayed and lumbering, shortly after take off the wing veered right , I veered left and full chat clearing the barbed wire I clawed skyward, the radiolink dropped out and I set off to Calais, well not quite,but I headed roughly for a field and landed, dropping to my knees immediately crushed by the sherman tank i was carrying grinning into the mud, spitting grass and mud , my instructor arrived crying, I thought I do not know what all the fuss is about I thought it went fine.....what Insurance! And sad............I never managed to get airborne again and now I am 53, with iffy parts. So fellows Am I too Old, is there equipment out there now that is not cast in bronze and is there a wing that will do the running for me? I now live in Norfolk, the wind is generally below 40 knots...but will travel for the right girl........sorry I drifted there, and will travel for some pukka advice or training or sales outlet or anywhere that might get this one time wonder airborne again. Advice please friends :dive:

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Very amusing post pb :lol:

You're definately not too old :!: I'm 57 and there are a few on here that are the wrong side of 60 (keep it up fellahs, I might want advice when I get to 70).

Motors have a much better power to weight ratio now, it's mostly down to technique IMHO. I only really notice the weight if I've been doing some heavy work earlier the same day.

Are the iffy parts your knees :?: , that could be a little awkward.

Go for it :arrow:


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Good post, I have been flying for a good few months now and really getting into the swing of it now and loving every moment of it, and am particularly looking forward to the clear cool crispy winter days to get some decent cross country flights in. I am based in Norfolk between Kings Lynn and Fakenham so if you get some kit sorted we could go for a flight sometime.



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Hi PB.

Shame your first flight was such a drama. Probably why you didn't persue the sport in reality. The Paramotorclub.org training programme as documented in the Ops manual (PCOM) produces consistancy in training and instruction which will ensure that when you do take to the sky you are ready prepared and competent enough to deal with situations as they may arrise.

Equipment is so much more user friendly as well, wings and motors are easier to ground handle.

Give it another go, live the dream.

Safe Fun Professional.


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:explode: fantastic response........I think you are all right and alright. I have looked and seen 30 pounds seems more like the norm today, the point about technique over weght anyway is an excellent. Henry , your offer of a flying trip is too much to resist. Now I have lied to the wife , well with and to and told her that due to the economic downturn etc etc and I have secreted about my person some serious readies and so its off to the shops!!! There is a show at NEC 27/28th Nov 2010, I have heard about................................There is one school of thought, thats counsels caution and compares the gonads of everything and there is another thats says flip it, Wrap that one up for me please. Mmmmm I falls firmly in the second camp......so gentlemen as your posts were, well frankly helpful, spend my money for me! I have been lookiing at the Parajets, mainly because I like the fact they say they are so ......well they would! I suppose, I am leaving the Everest climbing outfit off the list, though I am tempted, mmmmm me and Bear. OK calm down dear, its only a parajet. Do you have any thoughts...........I want the lightest Land Rover of the skies remember. Then me and your kit will take ourselves off somewhere, for some serious training a AGAIN!.........of course I appreciate all your assistance thus far Gentlemen and when at the World Finals look for the chap in the shiny suit, very clean and recounting in the bar, ...........How I achieved my second flight. :roll:
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