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A few questions for polini thor owners


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Hi Guys

I have recently received my brand new polini Thor engine. I have finally managed to get everything set up.

Q. I got it running now problems but I have noticed a weird sound like ball spinning around a roulette wheel (only way I can describe it) Is this normal. Of course when you crank it up you cannot hear it.

When the engine is switched off and I spin the prop you can hear the noise allot clearer. I don't think Its a broken ball baring but it does trouble me.

Q. The gear oil. I read the manufactures manual and I contact my supplier and he informed me they are all shipped with gear oil. On the view hole for the gear oil I cant see nothing.. Another thing that bugs me.

I realise that I could be just being a little over cautious but I wont be flying the thing until I am happy with it.

Also any tips from other owners would be greatly appreciated.


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sounds like 1 of the bearings in the gear box or the noise created from the gear mesh.

to see if oil is actually in the box tilt the motor over, you should see the colour change on the window and with a little balancing obtain a level at the window.

if the gear box is filled above the window then it will give the allusion the box is empty. if you cannot see any level or colour change then the box is prob empty of oil

were did you buy the motor from, assume motor only bought and what is the cost as I was thinking of buying just a motor

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