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Designer needs help with final major Project

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Hi everyone,

I am a student currently studying industrial design (similar to product design) at Northumbria University. I am in my 4th and final year had am having to chose a topic for Final major project. I am also fanatical about paramotoring and paragliding so would love to tailor my project to something flying related. I am having trouble thinking of a direction at the moment, and wondered if anyone could help?

Please could people tell me of any problems, niggles they have when flying/ getting ready/ airborne/ landing/ transportation/maintance/ refueling etc. No matter how small, petty or ridiculous you might think it is PLEASE dont hesitate to tell me as anyting might spark off a really good idea!

Also if anyone has anything they would like to see in the paramotoring world that would make life easier/more fun etc then please tell!

I hope this sparks some good discussion!



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Hi Archie

I guess most of us would like a sub 20 kg unit that puts out 75 kilos of thrust , doesn't break, doesn't vibrate etc.

I do think the future might see electric power, but if your project is following the petrol route, do make sure the fuel cap is accessible.

Some of the people using more power might like you to work on the torque steer problems

Good luck with your project


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Hi Archie, Great stuff!

I've also been though the process.. graduated in Industrial Design a few years ago.... it's nice to do a major in something you have a passion for.

Some ideas may be of interest-

1) Caddy pack for moving all your gear from carpark to launch site. Bit like a golf caddy, but for carrying motor, wing, helmet, etc.. without needing to make multiple trips back and forward to the car.... handy while flying from the middle of a wet field in winter..... could incorporate windsock mount, etc...

2) Wing mounted strobes- Compact hi-power LED modules built into wing pockets...

3) Training simulator. Like a hangtest 'swing frame' but the trottle and brakes are input devices that drive a PC simulation projected onto a backprojection screen or VR headset.

If i think of more i'll let you know


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