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Hi Dave

Yaesu VX-170 just bought x2 secondhand from eBay (£70 each) and they are great.

with thanks to RAF Colin for recommending them.

also I think its the ones SW used on the Skycar expo, I'm sure he'll correct me if I'm wrong.

Hope this helps Cheers Rigger

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This is correct, I have 5 of them.

The reason we picked that radio is because it is the highest powered 2M handheld you can buy.

the Battery lasts forever, they are VERY rugged. (watched one get kicked into the desert at full force and still work afterwards! lol)

When I got them home, they were all sandy, in every nook and cranny, but since they are also waterproof I just bunged them in the sink and washed them like dishes.

I do have an alinco withe the same connector that you can use as a temp measure. :-) let me know and I will bring it at the weekend if the weather plays ball.


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I have 2 of the Yaesu VX-7R's which were a bit more expensive (again off ebay) but more compact and lighter than the 170's. More functions than I could ever hope to use but again, fully waterproof for use in SIV courses or suchlike and easy to expand for transmission on all frequencies.

Excellent long life Li-ion battery pack.


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Just to clarify... The maximum LEGAL limit for ANY handheld transceiver in the UK is 5W

However a quick search of the inter-nerd will uncover marine band radios at 6W and probably a thousand others.

but who cares :cry:


If your wandering what to do tomorrow. Take a wonder down to membury. I Have the soldering iron and nobbling code to hand. :evil:

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