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Cornish coast run

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There is some great flying to be had down here in Cornwall

I am staying in a bungalow for the week at the Beachside holiday park on the bluff in Hayle and since it is really quite in October the manager let me fly from the park football field at the top of the bluff . Perfect takeoff spot and from here I flew against a light onshore wind to just short of Lands End. Had another flight as the wind dropped to nothing and flew along the shore skipping the waves and mucking about. Great day even if the wind dropped soon after I went out for a Kitesurfing session in the morning.

I,m here untill the end of the week and I might come back in the Spring.






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I had one more really good day for paramotoring last monday and I went north along the coast and here are a couple more photos. I also had a huge near empty beach at low tide so I flew low over the waves and dragged a foot in the sand messing around for a while.

The rest of the week went really well, especially Wednesday when a huge swell and cross shore wind came together for some classic kitesurfing wave action that left me feeling like jelly at the end of the day.

The beachside holiday park in Hayle was a nice family run place to stay and the Bungalow I stayed in was comfy. The place was off season empty. I would like to come back in the spring with a few more pilots so if around April and May I see the right weather conditions I will let the Forum know. It is only £40 a night for a bungalow that will sleep three or four easily and you can takeoff from just a 100 yards away.

As for the big Southern hangliding club party we had on the farm last month it went really well. As soon as the sun set the clouds cleared and the wind dropped and it was a fantastic evening. The girls who organized it did a great job and it was a really good party with great food, live band and a very mellow late end to the night around a large bonfire I built. About 160 people turned up. The next day dawned crisp still and clear, and Steve Purdy went for an early flight, but by the time everyone else had cleared their heads the wind had picked up and it was really lumpy conditions. The afternoon got a little better and a couple of South African pilots did a run to the coast and back, and I went looking for thermals but they were not upto much. However in the evening 18 hot air balloons took off from about 5 miles to the North so I went up again just to fly past them and have a look. Great flight but It was a shame because everyone else had gone home by then.





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