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Hi all,Pete from West Yorkshire here :D

Believe it or not I hate and I mean hate flying(as in a jumbo etc)

However for some mad reason I have a craving to do paramotoring.

Iv been researching it for a few weeks now on tinterweb thingy :)

Gonna get lessons with Paramotor Pirates (if theyll have me).

Can't wait (I think),excited but also cr..ping myself.

Silly question but my mother in law lives in scarborough,would it be possible for when the wife says "are you coming" for me to say "Ill see you there love".

What im getting at is can I just go to my local council field,take off and land somewhere in Scarborough?

Its about 80 miles by road and about 55 as the crow flies.

Many thanks in advance.


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Hello Pete,

Yes it is possible to do that trip but it would depend on the fuel consumption of your machine and tank size wind direction and wing type to do the distance in one shot.

I have made a few 50 plus mile trips on my paramotor but on one of them we had to land out in a farmers field and re fuel.

I carry a container with oil in a side pocket on my machine so you just need to find a convenient fuel station where you can land near, cheers Alan.

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Hi Pete,

Make sure you know the airspace you're flying in as well, that'll be part of the training.

First thing get ground handling the wing untill it's (almost) 2nd nature.

It might seem impossible at first but don't give up - it's worth it.

It's nothing like flying in a jumbo, as you've probably gathered from the posts and YouTube videos we all rather enjoy it. Correction, once you've flown PPG you're obsessed by it :lol:



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