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Launching from a road ? (not as bad as it seems)

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I'm looking at getting back in to paramotoring over the winter after a two year break and have access to a Bailey. I have relocated to the 'middle of no where' on the derbyshire/warwickshire border and as such have no fields that I know the farmer..

One of the roads that leads out of my village has an unmanned level crossing with a gate that has to be opened onto the railroad (call box next to it) and a little further along is gated either end (it is 3.5miles long) as the fields have no hedgerows to obsure the view, it is just open countryside.

As 99.9% of people are put off from using this road it probably only gets used by the two farms off it and the gas board (small station about 1/4 the way along, never seen anybodt in it ).

My launches are swift and if I can see for miles around and nobody would see me ;) would I be doing any harm or breaking any laws ??

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Short answer...Yes you would be breaking the law, as you must have the landowners permission before you can takeoff from any land, whether it is road/field or otherwise.

If it is a private road and you have the owners permission, then you could theoretically takeoff from it. (assuming the wind was blowing straight down the road)

Steve Haze

ParamotorClub Qualfied Flying Instructor


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I can't see that you would be doing any harm, noting Steves reply above of course.

As you say if you can see for miles you can take off without anyone within 500 feet (or maybe 5000).

If anyone does see you taking off and happens to be the landowner at least thay can see what's involved, i.e. very little impact to the environment, and you might just get permission :D

If it was in France no one would bat an eylid, I have read of a local road being closed (unofficialy) so some microlights could land :o



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(((alledegedly )))) :wink: a few years ago we had a forced landing due to a exhaust about to fall off my microlight....somewhere in south wales....we took the wing off and drove it down the road the main A road duel carrageway.((passenger doing the hand signals))...to a garage to ask if he would repair it :idea: the look on his face when we pulled up was priceless ..he did weld it up and back to the field we went re fitted the wing things we learnt were trikes can if req go faster than most cars from the lights....but brakes are not that good....the prop could be a liability......

I could be still in prison :shock:if caught (( but would I have kept my driving licence))

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I'd be careful what you admit to on internet forums...people have been charged for less because they admitted it online.

As for the road....I really wouldn't takeoff from it if I were you...

Taking off from a field, you only have the farmer to deal with if he objects...(or the local park warden)...Taking off from a public road...well...you'd be talking to Council or Police.

I don't want to be a funbuster...(i've taken off from fields where I didn't have permission) but I wouldn't make a regular habit of taking off from that road unless it is privately owned. You could bring Paramotoring to the attentions of people who would complain enough for regulation to be considered and nobody really wants that.

Find a field or something else instead. It's safer and wiser.

(Sorry to be a kill-joy!)


Steve Haze

PMC Qualified Flying Instructor


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Just do it....I ve just been up Yorkshire and into Scotland

The fields were either rough bracken or bog....I parked the van at the top of a little used B road and had a clear view for half a mile either side...

It took literallyone minute to inflate and launch , and landing was even better cause i could see even further .

Police have always been spot on and are just curious ....If you are polite and have a chat you may even get some more converts...!!

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