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Best place to buy replacment Walbro 32 Carb

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At the fly in we spent a lot of time trying to get my carb running correctly, and the result was a massive improvment.

However it was mentioned that a new carb might only cost £50, I have looked and cannot find any one selling them. I just feel that for peace of mind it might be worh doing.

Where is the best \ cheepest place to get them.

Also is it posssible to fit a WB37 as I think it was said that was what was installed on the black devil. The engine I currently have is the corsair M21Y. If it is possible is it just a straight swap over or is ther any mods that need to be made.


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Also he is an importer.


Around £50.00 for a new one I think.



Thanks very much, I spoke to them and they are very helpful, but they dont have any WB37-c in stock they should get them in about 2 - 3 weeks. But they do have the WB32 in stock.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

I think the general concensious of opinion is that he 37 would be a better all round choice. But I dont really know technically why.

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