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paramania action gt

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Just fishing for a bit of advice. I've been flying for 2 years, with bout 50 hours clocked up, gained my sphg ticket early this year on my revolution, which is now starting to show its age. I consider myself a competent pilot(100% take off/landings, completed several x-countries, love the speed range of the revolution).

Is it a good move to purchase a "action gt", or play safe for another "revolution"?


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I wouldn't be in too much of a hurry to step up to an Action GT just yet. The Paramania website does say it is for pilots with a minimum of 80 hours experience. With only a modest amount of 50 hours over 2 years the Revolution is a far safer bet. What have you been doing to your wing that it is 'showing its age' after a mere 50 hours? My Reaction is in lovely condition after 2 years/170hrs.


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