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Now you tell me ....Ive just bought the new ATC-9k...

seems to take pretty good footage BUT

and its a BIG BIG but......I carnt edit the files....I can save them in a nice little folder....(

well big actually).. but I need to be able to throw most of the file away you know the 20mins of pointing the camera at the fly of my trousers stuff and up the nose footage :shock:

my usual editing software (U Lead) doesnt want to know the file....and the software disc that came with the camera contains only a web address :?: which is to a download,,,,that both my desk top running windows xp....and my lap top windows 7 ...wont load......teething troubles maybe but everything was nearly thrown out the window earlier tonight :x:x

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Buy a mac

does exactly what it says on the box, and more :D

I second that.

My Mac whizzes through the 1080 / 60p footage from my Panasonic HDC SD700 using iMovie then Final Cut Pro.


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