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This is from the BMAA as of 08/08/07 in response to me asking about mounting my paramotor onto a kite buggy (see www.trikebuggy.com).

Hope it helps


"Fitting wheels to a paramotor makes the aircraft a Microlight Powered Parachute and subject to certain requirements. The aircraft needs to be registered, noise tested and you will need to keep an engine and an airframe log book. If the aircraft falls within the sub 115 (kg) microlight group it will not need to pass airworthiness scrutiny. I expect it will fall into that group. As a pilot of this type of aircraft you will need to hold a licence. The licence is the National Private Pilot's Licence with a Microlight (Powered Parachute) rating. You will need to undergo training with a microlight instructor to obtain the licence. You will need medical certification in the form of a self declaration or CAA Class 1 or 2 certificate. Most NPPL holders have the self declaration.

The current requirements for training for the NPPL Microlight PP rating are published in the CAA publication LASORS.

The BMAA have almost agreed a special cross credit for Foot Launched Pilots converting to PP aircraft which will reduce the hourly requirements substantially if they hold a BMAA or BHPA foot launched pilot rating. We hope to have the credit available within a couple of months.

We will be publishing a guide to converting from foot launched to Powered Parachute as soon as all the details are in place. The Guide will be included on the BMAA web site."

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