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Sudden interest from Australia.


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Although we have been talking to quite a few people in Australia over the last 18 months, there has over the last few days been a MASSIVE spike in traffic to the site www.australia2011.com from people living in Australia.

I am posting here to ask if anyone knows where this is coming from? are you a member of an Australian PPG forum (or any other forum) where this expedition has been mentioned?

If so, I would love to get in touch!!

Over a 1000% raise in traffic to the Aus2011 site gets my attention :-)


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Thanks Woody!

I have sent them the press release!

I am not 100% sure that this is the source of the (CONTINUING) spike as there is no direct link to the Aus2011 site.

GOOD LUCK to Chris on his epic challenge!!! (see above link)


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Put a short post on the

And had a nice E-mail back from Brett including a really nice Video of one of their flights.


My name is Brett Paull and I am a PPG Pilot here in Australia. Thanks for posting on our national forum here in Australia about your trip. It sounds like a fantastic adventure. If you are looking for any Aussie pilots to fly with you or to assist let me know, if I can I will. I'm here on the east coast on the Gold Coast. You guys are welcome to fly with us here if you can. Here is a video I did of the local beach we fly. It would be great if you guys could join us.


Stay in contact Pete.


Brett Paull

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