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Bang goes the clutch

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Time for a nice flight i thought so off up the field got gear out ,wind sock up. Sorted. Paramotor assembled pre flight check and fire her up. Nicely ticking over for 5 mins while i got sorted so i thought i would give her some gas. Firm grip on the chassis, leg out for extra support steadly gave it some throttle. Nice! Good amount of thrust look down at tacho, 8800 rpm . Just hold it there for 30 seconds as usuall then oh dear ,some vibration . Throttle off i thought ,then huge mechanical clatter. Bollocks. Thought id siezed it but when i turned the prop there was a graunching mechanical sound so i removed the clutch and the' basket' what the friction material runs against had totally given way. My engine is a vitorazzi fly evo 100 and has been good as gold up till then. Lucky i wasnt attempting take off or just taken off when it went. Nick


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