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Paramotors- many more flying days? or more faffing days?!

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Hello all

I have been thinking about paramotoring for a few years, and this year decided to do something about it! I think I would really enjoy powered flight.

I have gone down the paragliding route first, and done my CP with a school in Brighton. I only qualified recently and have done a few short ridge soaring flights, and a few top to bottoms in the Alps.

I am thinking about doing my paramotor training when I've got a few flying hours under my belt, but have a few questions for you learned gentlmen!

I invested in a Sky Anakis wing, and would plan to start power flying with this. Are there significant disadvantages to using a paragliding wing?

The second question- how much faffing time is required to fly a paramotor?! I love the idea that power flying would increase the amount of time I can potentially fly, rather than just waiting for the weather. Do you have to spend a huge amout of time working on the paramotor, getting it serviced etc? Are there many more flyable days with power?

Thanks in advance for your answers.


(based in Windsor, as of this month!)

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hey George with your experience I would be surprised if you're not motoring solo on the second day of training (especially with the competent bunch around you).

Our free flight guys are buying motors in numbers (here in Canada) and getting the airtime they need rather than driving and parawaiting. I don't think the motor will ever replace the serenity of quiet flight, but you get your airtime and can always motor to the ridge or go up high and shut her off - pull out the ear defenders and listen to the wind change with your turns.

Wing - reflex fan only for moi.

motor up,


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Hi dude

I paraglide in brigton but since taking up paramotoroing i spent more time paramotoring than para waiting. I have done almost 25 hours paramotoring since buying my motor last year but have been very busy this year renovating our house so have had almost no time to fly latley.

I have a four stroke motor and spend almost no time fixing it.

As for faffing around at the field you should always do pre flight checks and they can take a while at first but when you get into it they take no time at all compared to sitting around parawaiting all day!!! :lol:

All the best


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