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ouch.. What happened

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If you look at his hands you will see how much brake he is applying and as it falls back out of the air you can see how the trailing edge is pulled right down.

ie he stalled it

just watched it again and looks like he was too busy looking at the camera to think about what his hands were doing :shock:

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Pilot was on takeoff power when he crossed over the videographer (who's reaction cracks me up, but removes him from preferred ground crew).

While you can't see his hands at that point, he had effectively removed his margin of reaction to conditions by holding brake input.

I cannot determine if the sock in the distance is moving, but a 5k puff could have finished him off as he was. Since he applied lots of left brake, he may have been trying to react to what felt like an oscillation, but could have been something thermic as it looks like he got a puff on liftoff too, then short lull, then parachutal to stall to arseplant. Not mid day, but not sunset either...

Likely an example of what he got away with many times before this happened.

Most of us do it too.

Fly safe.

Keep flying in your head after you land to think of what you got away with...

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Looks like a combination of four things:

1) Too much brake, while in

2) Full power o close to it

3) Too much distraction for the camera

4) Advanced wing

Result, stalled wing.

The wing is a Windtech Evo I think, not a school wing and that could have helped reaching the stall point quicker.

You have to be careful when you play with advanced wings and you should know the limits.

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He was not ready to fly as he had to be DRAGGED to do a forward launch and then sat in the harness to early. get proper training old boy :lol:

the others seemed more interested in the motor than they were to see if the pilot was ok.

Give the wing a REALLY good check over as the prop hit it when it broke

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