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Just shy of 2000 members!


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In the next couple of weeks we will exceed 2000 PMC members!

If we do this before the fly-in at Pete's I will buy some champaign to celebrate. :shock:

Thanks to all of you!


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Thats not 2000 paid members of course!!! :shock::shock:

Or we would have a nice £60k sat in the bank!

I asked everyone before we went live with the new membership about a membership pack..

most did not reply.

of the ones that did, most agreed that taking £30 and then spending it on corporate tat (which you know I love) was a bad idea...

I am happy to re-raise the issue in a meeting if enough people would like a 'pack'

I will be getting some stickers made, and we already have the new style membership cards.

As always there will be the shop discount (which automatically takes 5%-10% off everything when you log in and the reduced fly-in / Xmas doo fees.

PS Xmas doo coming soon!


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Stickers and a membership card would be nice , if only to know my membership number. I would also be quite happy to model a T shirt with the PMC logo on it.

My pen has also ran out and my mug never materialised for being a top five customer . Moan moan grumble moan grumble moan moan. :x


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