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Someone dialed 999 because I Shut downand spiralled down


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I was wondering why the Helicopter was going round and round as I settled down for supper tonight, and it never occured to me that it was looking for me. I went for a nice sunset flight this evening with a no wind takeofff. Flew for about 20 minutes, climbed to 2500 then shut down and did a bunch of spirals and wingovers to get down. Landed perfectly 100 yards from my front door, packed up and went in for dinner. An hour later a helicopter is circling over in near darkness, but I thought it was due to an accident or something, then a little later a couple of police were knocking on my door. I gave them my mobile number so it dos'nt happen again , but someone had called 999 I have been doing pretty much the same thing all the time over the last couple of years so you would expect the locals to know better so must have been a stranger and the police station is only a mile away so they should be used to me. No harm done just wasted helli time and the cops never accused me of doing anything wrong.

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Short version

Instructors Course Air vault france

Belt slipping badly out on a nav task

Shut motor off nice landing next to a small country road packed the wing away text for retrive and sat down.

2 minutes later two women come screeching around the corner stop jump out and start rabbiting on in french and touching me :shock: (no not like that they were old :!: well about the same as me thinking about it :shock: )

They thought I had crashed, I said me ok me ok but they kept on pointing up.

WELL the next thing was sirens LOTS AND LOTS

One police minibus pulls up with about 5 in and all get out talking french to me :roll::roll:

Simon phoned as he could not find me, but could hear the sirens ect so just followed them

Then a fire engine

then an Ambulance

then another police van


In last van to come was a police man that spoke a little english the women had phoned saying a plane had crashed as I had landed on a parachute

They took my name and address as the other police men were examining my kit looking for the registration No

Simon finally arrived to pick me up and we got away, had to get Pascys mum to call them to confirm where we were staying and to explain it all to them.

PS note to self learn to speak a bit of the local lingo.

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Cool stories! There's 2 things I take away from this...

At least some people care enough to call, however, its so easy to call 999 now that people don't use there loaf and find out the basic facts first! Get this all the time at work.

The second thing is called the normalization of deviancy (not like that Pete!) To us seeing a bloke dangling from a parachute is totally normal. To Joe public its different (or deviant from the norm), especially descending, at speed as well. Because they're not used to it nowadays Joe doesn't want to help because of a fear of litigation, so he 'does his bit' and calls the nines on his mobile.

A but like peeps that see a car on the hard shoulder and call 999 ' just in case '.!

*gets off soap box!*



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