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Northampton Flying


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Hi I'm James, based just outside of Northampton in a village called Holcot. I've just started paramotoring having completed 3 weeks of training on and off over the past two years with SkySchool out in Spain and in Mere here in the UK.

I'm looking for any info on membership of the northampton club and or people to fly with in the area.

All the best,



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Hey James. Have you managed to get up much since we have been back ?

I fly over at Alconbury sometimes, nice site Geoff has loads of knowledge and doesnt mind giving it up to people keen to learn.

or come to the farm in Riseley we have two runways you can take of from in any direction..

A couple of guys i know fly from a lake near Rushden but haven't managed to get down to watch or fly there yet...

Failing that i will pop up to Northampton to have a fly with ya..

Had a cracking flight this morning, flew to work wizzed around the tunnel a couple of times and then headed home :)

Hope you are getting up.. so to speak..

Have you got your Parajet yet ?


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Hi Dave,

Good to hear from you - I took delivery of the motor in early August. I've flown it twice since then from a local site just outside Hanging Houghton - it's not much more than a big field but it does me well for now. The motor unfortunately cut out on me mid flight twice so had to go back for some tuning.

They sent it back around a week ago - but the wrong battery came with it so I couldn't start it, hopefully today the right battery will come in the post today and I'll be back up later this evening (fingers crossed).

Having said all that I'm really chuffed with the thing, the build quality on the motor is awesome - loads of a consistent power through the rev range and the sound of it is unlike a paramotor I've heard! :D

I knew you would't faff around getting up Dave! Give me a week or so getting used to my kit again and we'll have to meet up, Risley sounds really good!

I'll let you know how i get on, be in touch.



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