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I just can’t believe no one is around Swindon flying this weekend.

I know Simon has his students in Membury, but no one lives near or around Swindon….

Since a PMC Fly-In was arranged and then cancelled the wife did make herself busy and I had the weekend free – what a let down.

Posted a quick message on the forum no answers returned. I know the wind was blowing Sat & Sun, but right now it is lovely flying day out side. Slightly my fault, but sticking to it - that I don’t fly alone, so the reason for the ‘shout out’ above.

Maybe I should sell my equipment and buy some ‘woods’ at least they play ever week.

Now it is back to work for the week.

‘Pissed off’ Tony & Nagging wife about this stupid sport we do.

Last moan

I spent a lot of the weekend driving around Purton asking farmers about a field I could use about 10 times a year… All nice, but explained about the cattle etc.

You do a ‘Tip to Tip’ or around the Coast and the farmers are most welcome and even make you tea and cakes – And of course, well done Paul ‘Flying Doc’ having a blooding good go

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When do you think the flyable window was that we all decided to stay at home for?

As far as I see it, we have all been on the ground for the weekend.

We are at Membury every time it's flyable you just have to time your urge to fly with good weather mate. :-)


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Thanks Tony

Sorry you had no luck this weekend.

I've been grounded for two days too. Hopefully back in the air tomorrow.

Don't do the golf thing though, very Stepford Wives.


Don't knock golf, hate the game but love to shoot the land! :wink:

Seeing as I'm getting up early to let Simon laugh at my feeble efforts tomorrow, I think I'll get some ZZZZ's! :lol:

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