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cdi unit for a solo 210

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Hi all,

My Adventure A3 has (I think) blown its cdi unit. I've tried to contact adventure to order one but so far without success.

Just wondered if any one had one sitting around doing nothing. Or if its pos to refurb the old one and how expensive that might be.

Any help appreciated.

Cheers Col......

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I think you'll find Adventure are probably on holiday at the moment, it is holiday season in France 8)

My friend Michel has an Adventure and has all the contact details for Adventure if you need a go betwen who speaks french. Unfortunately he's on holiday at the moment as well.



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Hi Guys

Thanks for the offers. When does france get back from its hols Alan ? I may well require the services of your friend.

It is the HEIS system i have Dave and its the little black box that i suspect of failing. Adventure part no AL13.

Where did you get your HEIS from as they might have the parts i need?

Cheers Col....

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there is a link on paramotorsuk site to a bloke that does conversions for adventure to HEIS, he may poss have some old CDI parts removed from machines. He is also a solo parts supplier.

before i got mine (F3) same ignition as yours, there was a spark issue and that turned out to be 1 of the coils on the stator..

i think adventure are back next week, as i got a new tank from them 2 weeks ago on their last day of working. keep us posted on developments when you finally get the problem sorted to see what part it is thats gone. the last owner of mine did a sale or return on all the ignition parts as he assumed the CDI was faulty. the replacement CDI from adventure was also faulty, so when he changed the stator it worked, he re tried the new CDI in case he got a better spark but it did not work. so food for thought. adventure tend to sting you on postage costs.

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