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  1. 1. Which Paramotor Harness

    • Apco
    • AVA Sport
    • Sup Air
    • Hi-Fly
    • Paramotor Pirates
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I am looking into getting a low hangpoint harness.

I have found the following, is there any I have missed or any that you would particulary recommend?

1. Apco Universal Paramotor Harness

http://www.apcoaviation.com/products.as ... r#pprotect

2. AVA Sport


3. Sup Air Paramotor Std

http://www.supair.com/en/produit.php?id ... d=sellette

4. Paramotor Harness Hi-Fly

http://paraglidershop.co.uk/paramotorpa ... nesses.htm

5. Paramotor Pirates (Not listed on the shop but a picture here)

http://paramotorpiratesbeta.moonfruit.c ... 4540797384

I am a short (5' 8") fat bloke (120kg) if it helps, So I guess I need something with a big seat and a long waist strap. (writting this has just spurred on the diet and a lot more paramotoring to loose the excess :) )

The old harness was a real stuggle to get into and ended up dangling quite a few times, it came with the old frame and it is not branded so I have no idea what it was.

Many Thanks

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Hi you sound like you have the same trouble i do im 5'10 and 115kg fat bastard!!!!! i have had so much trouble gettinto a low hang point harness so i have bought the Apco universal harness its a high hang point but wow what a difference it is although not flown with it yet, but in hang tests it feels sooooooooo much better. I bought it after many months of despair and talking to a lot of people most said the same a high hang point should be better.

Hope this helps


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well ive had the apco and the sup air, and for me, cos i have a big belly i fing the supair so much more comfortable and easier to get in...the leg straps are different too and dont end up falling over you knees when running.

you will prob find, as i do that any harness is hard to fasten the belly strap whilst sitting down, but as soon as you stand up its very loose...so not a problem.

a hang test will prove invaluable for you bud.

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Ok, so most people would opt for the sup air.

Now I have googled and can find no more detail on it than in the original link.

Does any one have a link to the manual \ dimensions \ size recomendations for small , medium, large etc.

Or at the very least pictures that show a bit more than the back of the harness that can be seen on the sup air site.

Without this poll I would have went for the apco one simply because they have a3d model that you can rotate and have a look at. I like the look of the padding o the back but I am not convinced it will fit.

Also is there any where that does sale or return etc on harnesses (Sup Air in particular)? Because from what I can see very few places have them in stock to allow a hang test etc. (Sussex Area)



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