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Paramotor rental


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I think its a good idea as a lot of pilots dont get to fly often and dont really get there value in the gear they buy. If it had been available to do when i started i would have probably done that and not bought all the gear.... obviously dependant on cost

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This would be a great alternative for those that didn't want to be involved in a syndicate. I would be up for it as it would mean I could really get some hours in before I took the plunge and brought my own kit. (obviously once I have some PMC training sorted!)


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Definitely yes. Shared ownership works for gliding clubs and many other sports.

Cost important, but personally far more important is hiring a familiar 'feel' (safer) motor. e.g. my preference for RH or LH throttle and/or torque. Low or High hangpoints.

Rather that buy a stock of hire motors. If existing owners' have gaps in usage (family time), maybe they would 'share' their motor when not using it? Not simple, but possible?



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