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Medial Meniscus Horizontal Tear (Knee) - recovery time?

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I've been told I need a keyhole op to trim the right medial meniscus, following MRI results. Just wondering if this will be a lengthy recuperation period for being able to run with a 38kg weight on my back.

I need to plan when to take the op so that it doesn't interfere with the annual Snowboarding trip (as yet unbooked) and minimise air downtime.

I've been told 1 week to 3 months, depending upon which advice to believe. Docs will only say 'no driving for two weeks' at this stage.

Anyone any experience of this procedure?

thanks in advance,


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I've had ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) reconstruction on both knees following injury and had medial meniscus tears trimmed at the same time and this was a good 9 months or so before I could go back to full activities without concern.

Having said that the length of recovery was due to the acl graft settling in so I would say a mesicus tear op should settle well within a couple of months if not sooner, as long as you stick religiously to your physio exercises!!

Good luck with it, I know what you're going through!


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