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Just wanted to say it was great to meet you today Simon (and Weesplat). It was really refreshing to find someone with a similar view to the sport (and the BHPA) as me and I look forward to making it up to Lambourne to see your operation. I am very interested in the Synthesis (and so is Rob in the Reaction, being slightly more lardy!) and although work pressures mean I'll be overseas next weekend I think he'll be up for a test fly if possible. I'll forward him a link to the site so he can also be converted!



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Hi Guys was really nice to meet up like you say good to put faces to names. I should be up at Lambourn over the next couple of days if the weather holds just have to staighten out the frame a wee bit. Hope to see you next weekend Rob hopefuly Ian not too long after.

Cheers Col.....

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Hi Simon,

Was really good to meet on Sunday, I have Ian to thank for that. He is really sorting me out with this meeting and finding things out- 'great bloke'. It was also nice to know there are some other free flyer's with motors out there. Some of my free flight buddies tell me i am turning to the 'dark side' flying with a motor, but i just love to be up there.

As for my weight i am about 100kg so i think the 31 would possibly be best, what do you think?

Hope to see you at the weekend, weather permitting. 8)



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I will make sure that we have a 31 here for you mate :D

I think Free flying has its upsides as far as Acro stuff and the silent flying.

But to live in the UK and think you dont NEED a motor to fly is nothing more than silly in my eyes :lol:

Great to see you, and see you at the weekend :D:D Cant wait now.....

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