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Mikuni BN-34 carb with Solo 210 engine


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Does anyone else have this same setup and want to trade some ideas/problems/nightmares?

Alternatively, is anyone using a Mikuni BN series with other engines? What size jets are you using and which springs at what pop off pressure?

First stone cast for the forum: I think the BN34 is an awesome carb once you doodle with the 15,000 different doohickies and settings available, but you have to be something near a rocket scientist to figure it all out. I got the Mikuni as it was presented to me as the Rolls Royce of paramotor carbs, however am wondering if I would not have been smarter getting a Walbro or Tillotson like everyone else.

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I had this carb (I can't remember now, it may have been actually a 38) on a 210 and it was just a carb.

I don't know that it would be a cadillac compared to the conventional choices, but it did have a smooth power delivery and little to no midrange cross jet misfires. Still just a carb though.

I did almost collapse the tank with it when I rerouted some hosing - it still ran fine, but the diaphragm had been stretched and needed replacing. These are traditionally a watercraft carb.

PM if you'd like the BN38/44 manual for reference.

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