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Thrust Line, Net tension on Mini Plane \ IFlyer style

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I am currently building a paramotor frame, I have completed most of it but I have some questions.

I like an active low hang point as it is similar to paragliding which I am comfortable with.

So where is the ideal height of the hang points or swing arms relative to the center of the prop?

I THINK that the thrust line should be above or at the same height as the hang points based on pictures I have seen but I am not sure why?

Any logic as to where it should be, I was also not sure it if might only be due to the harness design and it is just positioned to suit the type of harness?

Also on the miniplane style frame does any one have any experience as to how much tension you can get on the netting. I have just completed mine and although it feels quite tight I am not convinced that it would stop contact with the prop if you fell into it. It seems that the rope that tensions always has about 1/2 to 1 inch of movment which is enough to allow the netting to flex.

Is this normal?

If any one had a video showing how much movment theyhave on their netting once it is tensioned would be really usefull but I might be asking too much.

Any thoughts?



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If the hang point is below the thrust line when you put the power on the top of the cage will come forward against the risers.

You need the pivot point of the risers in line with the centre of the prop.

even if you get the net tight the cage will flex on the mini plane as it is not strong!!!

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