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Instructors course LAST DAY!!


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It's the last day of the Instructors course tomorrow :-) Yipppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeee........

The exam was sat today by all which contains 50 questions and exercises.

The good thing about the small weather windows is the fact that we have been covering LOADS AND LOADS of theory which led to a 100% pass rate.

72% being the lowest pass

but the shocker of the day has to go to little Colin who got the highest pass with a whopping 98%!!! He even shocked himself I think!

Our examiner has been busy interviewing, inspecting, assessing, and writing in his (not that little) book for the last two days and will give his final say before lunch time tomorrow. :shock:

Have a great nights sleep lads LOL :twisted:

Well done to Edson, Mark and Simon B who all managed to get there first flights in by getting up at sunrise and putting in the effort. YOUR PILOTS !!!! :-)

Party tomorrow night :-):wingover:


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Congratulations to:-

Steve Haze, QFI

Fahad Salamah Alruwail, AFI

Colin Baker, QFI

Saad Kalaf Alanazi, QFI

Abdulrazaq Mohmmed Almasaude, QFI

Colin Borland, QFI

Everyone has worked very hard indeed!



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