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scotland - Moffat and Oban

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I have a 6 berth motorhome that I've been hiring out privately for some time now. When it's not on hire I often use it myself to explore different areas of Scotland for flying and it makes a fantastic mobile base for a flying break.

If anyone is interested in hiring it for a weekend or longer and seeing what Scotland has to offer the Paramotor pilot, check out the website I've set up at http://www.tourscotlandbymotorhome.com or get in touch via the forum.


Happy Flying.

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I live in Linlithgow which is between Edinburgh and Glasgow. About half an hour from Stirling Castle and the Wallace monument, an hour from the Trossachs and about 2 hours from Glencoe, the Western Isles etc. so there's some great flying when the weather plays ball.

Give me a shout through the website if you (or anyone) fancies hiring the motorhome for a jaunt. It'll easily take 2 paramotors and associated kit with one on the cycle carrier and one in the storage area.

Happy flying.

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Just had a look at your pictures.....they are absolutely stunning...

Did you stay at that campsite that you have photographed in the first couple of shots....!

its the one I stayed at last year .....while we waited until the next days ferry to Oban...

(didnt actually get there because we got chucked of the ferry) because they said it was a van and not a motorhome....... :evil:... and as such the fare was double....I dug my heals in and made a fuss

it didnt get me anywhere.....they still didnt let me go... :cry: .....

so I flew there instead :lol:

when you have the weather you seem to be having.....you couldnt wish for more....

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cheers Gary - was thinking the same thing about your ones yesterday - love the way you get the wing in some of them - whats your kit/lens/etc ?

yup - took off from campsite with their permission.

The weather lasted about 3 hours - pissed rain that night, and was pissing rain and blowing a gale during that day - I was out with the wind meter every 30 mins that day waiting for the right moment for a break in the weather.

that's the first pics I've taken with a DSLR - really liked the way they came out I must admit.

Looking forward to flying around there again.


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